Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funny boy

So about 15 minutes ago, I was in the office changing the Chloe bum and I keep hearing something that sounds a lot like someone chewing very loudly and wetly with their mouth open. I follow the sound and find my little Cashy sitting on the couch where he thought I wouldn't be able to see him with 7...going on 8, gum wrappers all around him and a wad of gum the size of a large marble in his mouth. Awesome. I laughed so hard and took the wad away....that he couldn't chew anyway. I gave him that 8th piece to chew on and now he's loving life, thinking he's such a big boy with a WHOLE piece of gum to chew on, let me rephrase CHOMP on. I can hear him chewing now and he's 2 rooms over!

He's a little character that one. Love his buns!