Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Girls!!

So, Jake and I took a 2 hour nap today while Cash was taking his 3 hour nap, and that is why I'm still awake. This is my third post of the night. Go me!! It's almost 1 am but that's okay...I'm still not tired. I was actually about heave my huge, third trimester body off the couch to go to bed and then I remembered that I just had to share my theme song by Mika. I LOVE Mika and especially this song. His music always makes me happy for some reason. Enjoy!

I figured if I was going to be big and should everyone else. I think we've had a little too much fun with the the fat face iphone part about it? It was FREE! Everytime I look through my camera roll, I get a good laugh. Oh how I love laughing.

This one really is the best...he totally looks like the fat kid. Doesn't he kinda look like he'd be a bully? Or is that just me? Hahahhhhaaa...look at his bottom lip! :)
Oh Karen, you're beautiful. You look like you got stung by a bee three hundred times.
Atleast I'm still smiling.
Oh Cashy.
A little lopsided, but you get the idea. The weird thing is...he's still the sexiest man alive. MMmmm. K, g'night!!

Don Juan

So, that is my little Don Juan walking naked through the backyard after swimming in his blow up pool...soo not afraid to strut his stuff. Good thing our backyard is very private. (What a cute little butt right?!)

The other day we were at the Olive Garden waiting to be seated and he went over to these two pretty little ladies and crawled up right in the middle of them and started flirting. Not shy at all. He really does just LOVE the ladies and from what I can tell, they seem to like him back. It's so funny.

Here's a few of his conquests...made them in black and white to add some dramatics.

Cashy trying hard to steal kisses from the beautiful Sophie. She was playing a little hard to get. (probably because she was afraid he was going to pull her hair)

Cashy and Paisley just before he landed one on her. She's cute Cash...but she's your cousin! Don't forget. She must have forgotten the time you pulled her hair cuz she most certainly was not playing hard to get! Cute little thing.

Another cousin crush. Cash couldn't leave Gracie alone at her first birthday party. She handled it pretty well...she better get used to boys trying to steal kisses from her! This won't be the last time.

New nanny, new roommate, same old car

Just had to get on and tell you that we went Minivan shopping...yes, you heard me right. My husband, the former owner of the coolest 600 horsepower mustang you ever saw has consented to being the owner of a minivan. I love what parenthood does to us. We didn't end up getting one, only went looking because I was a little apprehensive about having 2 kiddos situated comfortably in that back of my little blue mazda. After spending lots of hours shopping for a minivan I decided to put both carseats in my car and clean it out real good and we've decided that it's gonna work. The minivan will come with the arrival of child #3, but not until then. :) I'm pretty happy that I get to keep my little car for at least another year or two! I love zipping around in it, I love that it gets such great gas mileage. It's been a great car and I'm not quite ready to part with it. We've been through a lot together. (Thanks Danae and Slade for parting with it...your loss!) :)

So although my vehicle won't be changing, our lives certainly approximately 4 short weeks our baby girl will be in my arms. I can't believe how fast a pregnancy goes when there's another one that you're chasing around. One thing that I knew I needed to figure out was the childcare situation. I wasn't willing to give up my job. I think I'm a better mommy when I work two days a week. I'm one of those girls who really likes my job and the adult interaction. I also think there's something to be said for missing your what I decided is that I wanted to find a nanny to come over to the house and be with the kids in their own environment while I worked. It was just too hard to figure out babysitting every week and pack the little guy up and whatnot. Well, Mary Poppins is Cashy's new nanny. No kidding! Her name is actually Debbie and she is wonderful, truly an answer to my prayers. She's the Relief Society President in her ward so she's super busy and didn't want a full time job and her kids are in middle and high school. She just wanted a dose of little people a couple times a week. She just loves my little man and they play all day long. He cries when she cool is that?!? (She says that this situation was an answer to her prayers as well. Yessss.)

How I found her you ask? Well, my parents have some new neighbors that just moved to Logan and it just so happens that Debbie was the nanny to their two kids while the mom worked two days a week as a dental hygienist. Small world. Well, Ashley (the dental hygienist mommy) and my mom were talking about my situation and what I was going to do and Ashley said I should call Debbie...that she is just the greatest. Couldn't say enough good about her. So I called her up, she came to meet us and started coming 2 days later. Cashy is happy, I am happy, Debbie is happy. It's a win win for everyone. I really need to remember to go thank Ashley next time I'm in Logan. Hope she won't think it's weird when I hug her!!!

Debbie hasn't come for a couple weeks because my sister moved in for the summer and has been watching him, but my sister starts work as a swim instructor next week and Debbie will be back. Oh sister moved in!! I just love my little sister...we just get each other. She's so fun to have around and she does my hair real pretty. Something that I'm really not good at doing. She's definitely staying busy, but not too busy to hang out with my little man. She taught him a bunch of new words including apple and pop. Soo freaking cute. He loves his Aunt Karen ALOT. She's at Lake Powell this weekend with a cute boy and his family, but she's coming home tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be happy about it. :)

How could you not love having this girl around? I'm sure she had waaay more fun when she went to Lake Powell with me. Who needs a cute boy to entertain you when you have your cool big sister?!?! ps. I really miss Lake Powell. :(