Friday, January 27, 2012


So, I realize that it's 12am and I should be in bed SLEEPING, but something just happened that I had to share. If Jake wasn't on a campout with the scouts I would have been able to share this with him and my need to gloat would have been satisfied.

Here goes...on Monday night as I was cooking dinner, Cashy decided to put his hand on the stove to see if it was hot. IT WAS. He got 2nd degree burns on all four fingers of his right hand from the the tip to the 2nd knuckle. :( The two hours after that were probably the most awful of my life because he was in such excruciating pain. He got through it, but his hand of course has been bothering him ever since. I knew that eventually the huge blisters would pop and I would have to cut the skin away, disinfect and wrap the fingers to prevent infection. I was dreading this because since it happened, it you even look at his fingers wrong he freaks out and I knew that he (the poor, traumatized, two year old, little boy that doesn't understand why mommy would try to hurt his burned hand) would not be cooperative!

Well, today he played hard and two of the blisters finally popped. With Jake gone I knew I wouldn't have anyone to hold him down, so all day I've been gearing up to do it after he fell asleep. I honed in on my delicate dental hygiene skills and ROCKED IT! He stirred a few time at which point I would hold real still and cover my headlamp with my hand until he started sleep breathing again, but I was able to cut away all the dead skin, disinfect and fully wrap and tape his hand with just me, my headlamp and my little scissors. He'll wake up in the morning with a sterile white glove and not know how it got there. Woot!! :)

Thankyou, thank you very much.


  1. Wow Min. You are simply amazing. Way to go!

  2. WOW Mindy! You are amazing!! I would have taken him to the instacare- I'm too chicken to do that myself. You're such a good mom!

  3. Very proud of you! Burns suck! Like a LOT! I have had to deal with them with my little ones and it hurts my heart so so bad because they really simply do not understand! Especially since we love them so so much. Im sorry you had to go through that and even worse alone!