Monday, October 31, 2011


Jake is down the street watching a scary movie with the guys, both kids are in bed, I'm going to take advantage of this rare moment and make a blog tribute to Halloween.

So I was feeling pretty bad this year about not getting into the holiday one little bit...We've been enjoying the beautiful Fall, crunching leaves and bundling up to go to the park and all, but I didn't even get my decorations out or make a scary dinner or anything. In fact I didn't even get an outfit for Cash to wear until Sunday afternoon. It was borrowed from my neighbor...I guess I justified it because Cashy doesn't really 'get it' yet. I have fully committed to making next year a little more exciting with scary decorations and pumpkin carving and all the other stuff, but this year actually turned out to be amazing. As my mother put it tonight, kids just make everything magic. Soo true.

We started out with a yummy dinner down the street with the bees and the beekeeper...and a few other super cool people too.

I made these.

Mine didn't look quite as pretty but you get the idea.

Then we headed out for some trick or treating. Cashy was all prepped and knew just what to do at the doors. First house was this one:

Just so happens to be our bishop who lives about 5 houses down from us. They've got it all spooked out with scary music playing and lots of cool decorations...even FOG! They handout fresh homemade donuts to everyone, parents and kids alike. Very delicious and very fun.

Then it was across the street to the Jacksons:

Yep, they've got hot chocolate and hotdogs and a fish pond for the kiddos and candy and a fire to sit around. They really go all out.

I was impressed with the little guy! He lasted almost two whole hours and had a great time. He got a good haul that I'm pretty sure I'll end up eating waaaay to much of. It was a great night taking our babies out trick or treating for the first time and made me love my neighborhood a lot. I'm already excited for next year.

Last stop was our next door neighbor Erica and when we got there she said she had something for us. She had made Chloe these two adorable hats!

She already made her 2 other hats and a sweater that I'm in love with. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to have her teach me how it's done. People are good and I'm so grateful to know the ones I do. :)

We had a great Halloween even with all my lack of preparation...and I'm so glad.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Wow, your neighborhood goes all out. What fun!

  2. I'm glad we have such fun neighbors to trick-or-treat with!