Monday, October 17, 2011

I love fall, but...

I will seriously miss summer! It's been a good one. I just have to keep telling myself that summer will come back to me always does.

Apparently I was a little too busy to blog this summer. Having two really does change things a bit....the result: One blog post with TONS of pics created during naptime. :)

Some of our favorite memories:

KAREN!!! She lived with us all summer. She was up
before work everyday to train for her first marathon.
Here she is at the finish line. YAY KAR!!!

Chloe girl. She is truly an angel baby. She sleeps like a
champ, nurses like a champ, and she's usually content
to sit in her bouncer and watch the craziness
that goes on around here...I couldn't ask
for more. I love her just a bit. ;)

2 weeks old

SUCH a great big brother. He wants to hold her and kiss her
and love her all day, every day. He does make her cry
occasionally, but what are big brothers for right?!

Mommy was real busy with baby Chloe lots of the time...

...So Cashy and daddy had LOTS of quality time together
this summer. Mostly working on the house
and yard. Ya know, GUY stuff. :)

Mowing the lawn
Weedwacking...daddy even made him wear goggles.
HA! Cute right?
This is my favorite...notice the leash. Yes, it is true. Jake tied a rope
to my son and then tied him to the tree in the FRONT yard. I really wonder
what the neighbors thought. Apparently Cash wouldn't stop running into the
road. Not only was he tied to the tree, but he had a mohawk. When I walked out
to take this picture, Jake was leaning over fixing the sprinkler showing a little
bit of crack and Cash was throwing handfuls of dirt down his pants. I just had
to shake my head...mohawk, kid tied to tree, butt crack visible, add tank tops to
the equation and you have classic Jo Dirt. Yep, That's us!

I don't know how many hours Cash spent in his $3 kiddie pool
this summer. He was obsessed! His cousins liked it too.

Cute Fergy boy cousins. Our little
football team. I can't get enough of these 4!
Kale, Gaige, Gavin, and Cash.

Emmo and Cash hanging out in the backyard.

Cashy and Uncle John swimming at the Logan aquatic center.
John took Cash down the big slide over and over. He's a good
sport and Cash thinks he's the COOLEST.

Day trip to Mirror Lake...I had to get out of the house! It was lovely.

We found our own little private spot for campfires with a view of the
entire just need four wheel drive to get there. Not a problem
for us, that's kinda Jake's thing.

Hike to Donut Falls. Cash hiked almost the whole way. Tough little dude.

Day trip to Jordanelle. We brought a kite for Cash, but he
couldn't have cared less. He just wanted to throw rocks
in the water and squish bugs. Such a boy.

Now that summer is officially over, we're trying to enjoy all that comes
with Fall. This is Chloe girl all bundled up at one of Uncle John's football
games. His team is still undefeated! We're hoping for a state championship.

Aren't his golden locks lovely?

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  1. Quite the eventful summer! I'm so glad we were a part of it. And, you found a place for a cookout! You need to take us there sometime.